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Why do I have to clean my objectives?

For better quality content, of course! Your objectives are a vital part of your research, and it is important to keep them free from oil after every use. Especially when using an inverted microscope, as the oil can seep inside the objective and will need a thorough repair/cleaning. You can prevent this by cleaning the top lens with lens tissue paper and alcohol.

How do you clean lenses?

Danny Pesantez and I specialize in cleaning and repairing microscope objectives. Especially high-end lenses that can cost as much as $30k. Such lenses need to have them repaired with a quick turnaround, and that is where Epic Optics comes in!

What are the costs?

Epic Optics offers budget-friendly packages with high quality and long-term results. If you wish to learn more, contact us now, and let’s get you a free quote!